Meath TD McEntee in 2010 Leinster Final gaffe

Smokin' Joe Sheridan rolls over the line to steal the 2010 Leinster Final from plucky underdog Louth

Sitting Fine Gael TD for Meath Helen McEntee gave a painful reminder to the cruelty of her kind this week after a bungled footballing analogy she used backfired spectacularly, reawakening the long buried ghosts of 11 July 2010.

With Louth-Meath border tensions at powder keg levels, her ill-advised comments could be the careless spark that ignites decades of animosity and ethnic hatred.

Scaremongering – Byrne v McEntee

Speaking with an election in mind about the contentious North South electricity interconnector, McEntee ramped up the ethnic tensions by deflecting attention from her part in the Royal failure to stop big nasty pylons from ruining the good land Meath farmers have.

Thomas Byrne at the Oscars instead of stopping nasty Meath based pylons.
Thomas Byrne at the Oscars instead of stopping nasty Meath based pylons.

Both election candidates have called for wireless pylons while others have hoshposhed claims by the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources that buried pylons will not electrify the land, rendering it useless for the rubber soleless.

Fellow Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil politician Thomas Byrne had earlier hogged the national media with some top notch scaremongering. Mammies with kids were targeted, the potato faced men who’ve never left the comforting bosom of Navan too. Neither were the real estate kingpins with land they fear will be devalued by the project forgotten, scuppering their plans for a Celtic Tiger Phoenix.

“I’m all for electricity so I am there now, but it cannot be done at the cost of an environmental and health and historical and heritage and haemophiliac and homophobic catastrophe, especially not in Meath. Couldn’t you put it through a different county? One not as important as Meath, obviously. Like Louth or Westmeath.” the Meath Senator added.

Tasteless gaffe by McEntee stokes ethnic tensions on Louth Meath border.
Tasteless gaffe by McEntee stokes ethnic tensions on Louth Meath border.

With such great outrage talk by Byrne, McEntee had to up the ante in her response to her running mate. But nobody thought she would go this far. Nobody thought she would risk all out war. But in true Meath fashion, she bulled on through inananyhow and to Kells with the consequences!


“I don’t know if you’ve watched football in Meath over the last 20 years but if you have you’ll know that people in Meath don’t roll over,” she said with a straight face, while fondly remembering Smokin’ Joe Sheridan’s classic rugby roll to clinch the 2010 Leinster Final from under the nose of justice. Sweet Sludden of mercy.

Since her comments in the Irish Times on Wednesday, all Louth based National Reservists have been mobilised. All border crossings have been closed. If you live in the border area do not leave your house. Good luck.