Gerry Adams looking forward to IRB event in Westcourt Hotel

Baking enthusiasts from all over Louth are expected for the IRB event later this evening.

The Westcourt Hotel plays host to one of the highlights of the Republican calendar later today as Sinn Féin head baker Gerry Adams TD hopes to fend off the culinary challenge of Councillor Imelda Munster in the Louth heats of the Irish Republican Bake-off (IRB).

Mr. Adams is firm favourite with the bookies ahead of the bake off though many expect Mrs. Munster to put in a steady if unspectacular performance. Archie Sarsfield, a seasoned supporter of Republican baking campaigns since being born with a tricolour birthmark in the shape of Michael Collins holding a batch loaf, had encouraging words for Cllr. Munster.

“Imelda can only learn from the experience,” he said. “You don’t beat the top top bakers on your first outing. We’re all just hoping she learns from the master and performs well when the nationals come around. As long as she doesn’t use any Brit ingredients she’ll be grand. No one wants to see this blow up in her face.”

With the technical challenge thought to be Adams’ speciality, the sweet-cake, many expect a bit of showboating. The current TD for Louth completed his internship in the cake baking dojo of Long Kesh during the 1970s and quickly rose through the ranks to become, what many believe (though a modest Mr. Adams himself denies it), Master Baker of the Movement.

The former Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead’s cakes are well known for their simple ingredients yet explosive taste. They have been successfully exported to various locations in Britain over the years.

Cllr. Munster is somewhat of an unknown quantity in the baking business. Known as a tireless baker locally, Mrs. Munster’s culinary pedigree has yet to be tested at this level. Senior figures within the movement have called for Mr. Adams to go easy on her.

“Gerry is well aware of Imelda’s potential. Barring a huge surprise he should win hands down. That said, I’ve seen experienced bakers get into trouble and cakes to explode unexpectedly, especially if they’re not handled with care. It can happen.”

Should the rumour mill prove correct, then fans of Mr. Adams are in for a treat as he plans to bring out the big guns for the Showstopper Challenge. Local Sinn Féin activist Kev Judge struggled to keep his excitement under wraps. “Gerry’s cinnamon, raisin and sweet chili cake with tricolour icing is simply to die for and I know for a fact that he’ll blow the roof off the place if he does his speciality, the Semtex Soufflé.”

The venue has been swept for any British anti-caking agents. Baking begins at 7.30 sharp.