First wave of Bettystown refugees arrive in Louth

Rionach and Killian Prenderville-Byrne soon after their arrival in Louth after fleeing the Gaza like situation in East Meath

“What are you guys doing here at Seapoint?”

“We’re refugees, seeking asylum.”

“Welcome to Termonfeckin. Where are you from?”

“We’re escaping the situation in Bettystown. It’s gone beyond tolerable.”

“Yes, I’ve heard East Meath is like living in the Gaza Strip these days. I hope your journey wasn’t too perilous.”

“It was trickier than we expected. The Boyne estuary is harder to navigate than you’d think. Our motor cut out just past Mornington so we had to have the au pair row us in on the rowboat.”

“Sounds dangerous. Were you worried at any time?”

“I was a bit to be honest. It was windy and we felt every wave but Petralova was great at handling the oars and fending off the border patrol on the Baltray coast who thought we were sea gypsies.”

“When did you decide to seek safe haven in Louth?”

“We listen a lot to Laytown/Bettystown Municipal Council Chairman Paddy Meade. He’s an experienced guy. He warned us in June that the Meath coast was just like the Gaza Strip. Since then, house prices haven’t gone up as much as we’d expected and there’s been some scaremongering that the government is going to free the Mosney refugees. We don’t want to be overrun or ghettoised or have an educate together school in Bettystown. Those people don’t know which end of a tennis racket to hold.”

“You can’t live with that uncertainty.”

“We didn’t bring Parker and Darcy into the world to have to live through that.”

“So you hope to set up here permanently?”

“God no! Hopefully things calm down in Bettystown and this is a temporary measure.”

“Where are you going to stay until the situation improves? The National School gym has been opened up for temporary accommodation.”

“We’ve made our own arrangements. We wouldn’t normally shop there but we’ve been forced to buy a flat pack 5 bedroom house from IKEA to make do. Killian can’t stomach spending too much time on the yacht. He’s no sea legs.”

“Aren’t you worried about your house in Bettystown?”

“We fled in such haste we had to leave the help behind. We left them instructions on how to defend the property but they’ve only got leaving certificates so it’ll probably look like Chinese to them. Killian thinks the gardener looks Chinesey so he should be able to translate it to the maids, the driver and the chef.”

“I hope the political situation resolves itself soon.”

“Paddy Meade’ll fix it. He knows what he’s at.”