The Duleek butcher who shifted Courtney Love

Local butcher Nedser Grogan told The Faa Side about the night he shifted a young Courtney Love at a house party in Duleek.

When Courtney became big in the 90s the women were all over me. Women who wouldn’ta even seen me to ignore me were coming in the shop making outrageous innuendos about how they liked their sausages – oven cooked, grilled on a spit, hot n’ spicy. I hadn’t realised I’d been unhappily married so naturally I started doing personalized meat deliveries. I actually had to take on two trainees and a dog to cope we were getting that much business.

But then Kurt died and girls being bitches blemt Courtney. I was left with a broken marriage and a walk-in freezer of meat I couldn’t shift. And I couldn’t even buy a shift either after that, literally, the prozzies in the knocking shop at the Bull Ring wouldn’t let you lob the head even for an extra tenner.

The photo Courtney sent Nedser soon after their shift.
The photo Courtney sent Nedser soon after their shift.
Ah but that night was magical so it was. I was fairly well on and hoarse after supporting Bobby Sands at a rally. Me and a few ended up at some house party out in Kingsgate, Duleek. A group of girls came in, one of them was from the States and sure all the lads were mad to shift her just to say they shifted a Yank like. Remember now that this was ‘81 and even girls from Cavan were exotic.

So we got chatting but I found it hard not to switch off cos I find listening to Yanks hard going. Before I knew it we were away in hack with the shifting. Me mate Noel went off in a huff and said I robbed her on him. We haven’t spoken since.

Was she a good shift? Oh yeah, randy wee thing she was, amazing tongue work. She put Irish lasses to shame. Went to Greenhills she said and everyone knows them girls were slutty so naturally I tried to drop the hand but she was having none of it, which surprised me when I look back on it having followin her love life. Had to make to do with the top half and the arse.

Yeah she said Greenhills alright. Back in the 80s that place was a baby factory. You’d nearly be nervous cracking one off in bed thinking about a girl you fancied there. You’d get the wank sweats the next day worrying about it. Every time the principal came on the intercom you’d be expecting to hear your name. ‘Would Philip Grogan – that’s me real name see – please come to the office as there is a young 5th year from Greenhills pregnant with your baby.’ And you’d be thinking ‘They’ll force me to do Home Economics now, what’ll the lads say?’

When I look how our lives went after that night I do wonder if it could have been me in Nirvana and not Kurt. What if I’d just rang her like I said I would?

Have I been dining out on that for 30 years? I wouldn’t say that though I have spoken to students in secondary schools around the county about the pitfalls of celebrity.

You could say I peaked too soon yeah. It was all downhill after that.