Vox Pop: What do you think of the new artwork on Dominic’s Bridge?

Bird? What bird?

The Faa Side hit the streets of Drogheda to aksk people who should be at work their thoughts on the town’s newest artwork, The Wanderer

I’d lay money that they got better sculptures in Dundalk. We never get anything good here. – Ger Doherty, anti-Irish Water activist.

Is there meant to be two birds there? Really? Birds with wings or birds with tits? – Frankie Pentony, taxi driver.

The knackers won’t be long scoping this out, they fucking rob anything that rusts. The council should electrify it. But then they’d find a way of robbing the electricity. You can’t win. – Basil Tully, Baltray resident.

Looks like the twisted steel of a mortared RUC barracks. A fitting tribute to the men of Drogheda what supported the struggle. – Ants McCann, armchair RA man.

At least they didn’t give the money to the samba festival. – Cian Brannigan, Bettystown resident and anti-samba activist.

It represents the two faces of Ged Nash who doesn’t care about Drogheda and sold out the town to the Germans. Who does he think he is putting up a sculpture of himself and theirs people starving and sleeping rough on the town on waiting lists and on trolleys in the hopsital? He’s some gall. – Gerry O’Sullivan, Direct Democracy Ireland.

Finally, some art that isn’t about sport. – Linda Donnelly, CEO, Colpe Slimwatchers.

People here are starving while the scroungers in Mosney are getting cars and holidays in Trabolgan and UVF treatment so they can have more refugee babies to take our jobs and here we are spending money on this pile of shite and us having to pay for our water because of a criminal government. No to Irish Water! – Nialler Bracken, Monday Club organizer and anti-Irish Water protester.

This is not art. Art is something you see in a museum or a book. Nobody could fit that in a book. – Nancy Rogan, charity shop helper, retired.

First Irish Water, now this. Cunts. – Gaz Judge, butcher and general activist.

It’s great to see Drogheda branch out from being a purely ‘performance art’ town. I mean, those lads who wear denim and smoke in the door of The Hole in the Wall are fine artists and all but they get a bit samey. It’s good to see some fixed art works is what I’m trying to say. I love all art, even the shit bits. – Jeff Hoffman, street performer.

We were warned not to look at it until it gets blessed by the new priest. Alfie told me it’s got vaginal qualities. – Aggie Darver, from up Sunnyside way.

Strongly vaginal. – Alfie Byrne, retired.

There is no beauty in either the sculpture or in the killing of fetuses. No to abortion. No to Irish Water. No to new things. – Joan Summers, housewife and mother.

It’ll be fucked in the Boyne soon enough. Ruint.– Ryan Coyle, 5th class.

How long before this modern artwork kills a young lad or is picketed by anti-Irish Water protestors?

Are you trying to tell me that that is art? Fuck off. I coulda makin that. – Deccy Hoey, Mosney Redcoat of the Year 1993 .

The government is trying to distract us from Irish Water by fucking up our minds with modern art. They tried to do it before with free cheese. But they haven’t fooled me, the pricks. – Archie Reilly, Direct Democracy Ireland.

There’ll be a young ones lining up to have a go on it what? What?! Hah ahah ah! You’re a gas man Cue Ball, a gas man altogether. But just fucken wait. They will. Ine not joking. Sure the town is full of slags. – Eugene ‘Cue Ball’ O’Brien, no taxable income.

If I paid tax I’d be well pissed off. – Ken Moloney, taxi driver.

Now, if you ask me, I think it’s a great addition to the town. It’ll do for Drogheda what the Angel of the North did for angels. – Val Maguire, DIFE student.

I know 65 grand mightn’t have got a whole Pierce Brosnan but even one of his legs would be better than that, or two Bond shins even… But but maybe they’re the heels of a giant James Bond and they’ll finish it when they get the funding. – Pearl McFadden, Reiki peddlar.

We’re just not producing the artists here in Louth. If anything, this just reinforces my belief that we need a two tier championship. If the artists what did that went up against an artist in Tipperary it just wouldn’t be fair. – Colin Kelly, Renault Ambassador and Louth manager.

Why couldn’t they have putted up a statue of a true Drogheda hero like Johnny Logan or Joe Clarke or Shanks even? – Nedser White, barman in the Wida Murphys.

Is this what Bobby Sands bombed a furniture factory for? Fucken disgrace. – Mags McGuirk, SF activist.

I’m so glad this sculpture has been made. It reaches out to those of us who suffer from diphallia and oppose the water charges. – Fists McKevitt, Tullyallen Erotic Art Collective.

I like the way people in the developed world have too much time for art. – Fr. Silvio, the black priest from Brazil.