ISIS sympathisers wave black flags on Bridge of Peace

Artist Fist's McKenna's impressions of the ISIS supporters on the Bridge of Peace.

Gardaí are pursuing several lines of enquiry after a number of citizens reported what appeared to be a group of black flag waving ISIS supporters on the Bridge of Peace.

The group was described to TFS by witnesses as a rag taggle ‘bunch of extremists’, ‘anti-water charges protestors’ and the assorted ‘oddballs and cranks’ that these things attract. The group was seen waving both black flags and ISIS flags at rush hour traffic and holding aloft placards of politically charged issues ranging from starved furniture shop bombers via the men and woman of 1916 to, disturbingly, recently convicted murderer Graham Dwyer.

Detectives working on the case are studying a similar incident that occurred in 1907, when black flags were waved at King Edward VII’s royal visit to Dublin and again recently, when Sligo duped Louth in a GAA division 3 league game. Efforts are being made to find a connection between the two occurences. Garda sources have hinted that no flag waving permits have been applied for in the year to date. A Garda spokesperson floated the idea that the bunch may be a splinter group of ISIS.

“Look here now. You’d have to aksk yourself if the real ISIS would have a blond 40 year old scorcher on the front lines. I’d wager no. This leads me to believe this here crowd are a splinter group of messers. But that makes them no less dangerous. We’ve all met a smoker what’s recently given up the fags so the zeal of the newly converted is nothing new to us. Ignorance has many forms, all of them dangerous.”

One family of Syrian refugees who were waiting for the Mosney bus at Dominic’s chipper were particularly traumatised by the incident. Radwan Azani, talked to TFS about his shock at seeing ISIS sympathisers swagger about so brazenly without fear of public reprisal.

“We were enjoying our first bag of vinegary chips since fleeing Aleppo in 2012 and walking to Ireland to begin a better life in the great haven of Mosney. We were just joking with the proprietor that the Italians have the chipper business sewn up in Syria too when little Amira here started crying and pointing to ‘the bad men on the bridge’. 

Too upset to continue communicating through words, Radwan used mime to describe how the forces of ISIS had arrived at his hometown, waving black flags and vowing death to all infidels. Seeing those people on the bridge with their flags brought it all back for Amira. It was the first time she had spoken in three years.

The group of protesters were at first thought to be members of the Tulleyallen Erotic Art Collective, which had announced an erotically charged performance art installation on the sluttiness of bridges that same day. However, this showcase was under the Bridge of Peace and not connected to the weirdness on display above.

One of the frankly sick displays on show by the group. #bizarre.
One of the frankly sick displays on show by the group, as interpreted by the artist Fists McKevitt.

Luckily for Gardaí, recently released local artist and Tulleyallen Erotic Art Collective master painter Fists McKevitt was on hand to capture a couple of quick watercolours of the group before they slunk off in guerrilla fashion to Allah knows where. It hasn’t been decided yet whether the incident is being treated as an embarrassment to the Gardaí (given its proximity to the Garda station) or as an example of ISIS’s growing boldness in the Louth/Meath area.

Gardaí have since confirmed that the incident is probably linked to the recent ISIS hacking of Mornington man Paul Berrill’s lawnmowing business. A warning has been put in place for Drogheda’s Saturday morning market in Bolton Square asking shoppers to be vigilant and report anything untoward. The ISIS lads are known to target markets so anyone heading down the market to get some Chinese fags is advised to make alternate arrangements.

Anyone with details of the group is advised to contact the Gardaí even though no reward has been offered for information.