Game week 2: Drogheda Borough Council Publicity League

It was a stellar week for Cllr. Bell as he racked up a staggering 23 points from last weeks proceedings to close the gap on runaway leader Cllr. Godfrey to a mere 9 points. Cllr. Godfrey, perennial leader and affectionately known as ‘Shanks’, had a curiously quiet week scoring only five points for a throwaway quote about something or other in the paper of record, the Drogheda Independent (DI).

Noises from camp Shanks indicated that the councillor had adopted the Italian Serie A model and locked himself away from the public in the run up to the Irish Water Protest on Saturday passed. The method was pioneered by the great AC Milan sides of the late 1980s and early 1990s and brought considerable success. By being in lockdown, the players had a chance to focus all their energy to the task in hand. With the councillor such a big game player, great things are expected when the print media comes out from Tuesday evening.

Mayor Callan’s partnership with the Drogheda Leader (DL) saw him bag 13 of his 18 points total, a haul that saw the ex-Fine Gael man move up into third position. Experienced pundits have warned of the dangers over reliance on one media outlet. While such alliances can be beneficial, a falling out can see a sudden dip in form.

Chairman Oliver Tully returned to form this weekend with a couple of mugshots in the DI, however, although Cllr. Tully had a third picture in the paper, he should realize that pictures you pay for yourself hold no truck with The Faa Side. Esrtwhile Fianna Fáil and Celtic Tiger house whopper Cllr. Tommy Byrne climbed up the rankings after a disappointing start to the campaign, swankering away a cool 16 points with some well placed stories in the DI.

Fine Gael councillor Richie Culhane fell out of the top five but can expect a boost after coverage in The Irish Times today. Cllr. Culhane got some fine pre-season training in by standing alone with a placard on the motorway highlighting the shocking toll costs. His sluggish start to the season has some voters wondering if he trained too hard.  Mayor Callan also got in on The Irish Times act by warning Droghedians to “…exercise caution and report any suspicious activity to the gardaí.” Sound advice. The Faa Side has already reported much suspicious activity to the gardaí and begun spying on family members as a precautionary measure.

Poor old Pio Smith couldn’t follow up last weeks standing on a roundabout photo in the DI with anything of similar brilliance. Some commentators are calling for Cllr. Smith to ‘up his game’ and ‘get in their faces’. The media consultancy firm hired by The Faa Side suggested that Cllr. Smith should at the very least get a photo of himself pledging help to the homeless man with the rabbit on West Street. When things aren’t going for you it is important to do the simple things well. Don’t look for the Hollywood pass, play it to feet and stay alert.

With only two gameweeks played so far this season, the Drogheda Borough Council Publicity League has yet to take shape. One of the more interesting aspects is the absence of Sinn Féin councilors Munster, Flood and Cassidy in the top half of the table. Councillor Cassidy has yet to even have his name written in either print papers. Has anyone seen Cllr. Cassidy? It is most unlike a Sinn Féin councilor to shun publicity.

Experts are predicting a barrage of propaganda this coming week as Sinn Féin dusted off their flags and barged their way to the front of the protest march on Saturday. Gerry’s army are known for their sluggish start to tournaments, quite like the Italians in that respect. However, unlike the Italians, they usually finish with a bang.

The Faa Side awaits this weeks results with bated breath.

Key: Drogheda Independent photo 6 points, Drogheda Independent story 5 points, Drogheda Leader photo 4 points, Drogheda Leader story 3 points.