Google Maps Inside Buildings App Arrives in Drogheda

Google Maps Inside Buildings feature has been rolled out for a selection of Drogheda’s most iconic buildings. Among the buildings chosen were the Tholsel, the Abbey Shopping Centre, the Golden Bowl Chinese Takeaway, McKenna Man and the Widow Murphy’s pub on Thomas Street. Inclusion in the scheme is seen as a great coup for the town, given that Dundalk and Navan were not even considered for selection.

Local aristocrat Lady Butterly praised the Tholsel’s inclusion. Tourists will now be able to peruse the app to virtually enter the tourist office and read the Things To Do in Drogheda pamphlet on the noticeboard. It’ll be just fucking brilliant for the town, she enthused. “I was hosting a duchess from Westphalia who was taking in Drogheda as part of her Grand Tour. She arrived on Saturday morning and the bastarding place was shut. She didn’t have a fucking clue what to do so she pissed off to Newgrange. Bought four Vietnamese pigs in Newgrange Farm too. She’s minted. She’d’ve spent that wedge here if the tourist office had been open and told her what there is to do in the town.” The Tholsel currently houses Drogheda’s tourist office. It is closed on Saturdays.

Drogheda Traders got behind the app and hope it will bring much needed virtual footfall to the Abbey Shopping Centre. The plan is to morph virtual footfall into real feet walking into the Abbey and paying money for goods and services with real hands. Local entrepreneur Electric Dave has already set up a virtual artisan cafe on the internet but virtually based it in the Abbey Shopping Centre.

Floor plan of McKenna Man at odds with the human eye

Google were reported to be at a loss to explain how McKenna Man differed in shape when filmed. The building appears to be of a cylinder shape despite appearing to the human eye as a rectangle. There were further issues when it came to getting images from the Widow Murphy’s pub with cameras refusing to capture images other than of the doors beside the bar. It has long been thought that a portal to Hell lies behind this door. Locals have long argued that the portal is in fact at the back of the old Marsh House pub on the far side of the town. Can anyone shed any light on this?