Shanks Sues God and George R R Martin

Local Councillor Shanks God-Frey has taken umbrage and legal action against the Abrahamic God. God-Frey was shocked to hear that he was being impersonated in real life by the supreme being and creator. Councillor Godfrey has been in contact with the heads of all the Abrahamic religions and requested that their deity be renamed so as not to interfere with his copyright on the names God, God-Frey and to any related suffixes or prefixes. But most importantly, the councillor wishes to remove any confusion at prayers before Louth County Council meetings. He feels that undue reverence being rendered may unfairly affect council decisions.

“No mortal should be worshipped as a deity. I am no different,” explained the God-Frey.

I was flabbergasted when I heard. I am a church going man myself and have even met Mother Teresa though I didn’t mean to break her bed that time haha! But you see, I didn’t make the connection until I saw my name and God’s name written in the same sentence. I’d heard God being spoken about but like many things, its only when you see them writ down that you join the dots,” said Shanks. LMFM was swamped with support for Councillor God-Frey after his emotional appearance on the Breakfast Show.

Cllr. Shanks Godfrey

In a separate lawsuit, God-Frey has filed for damages against US author George R.R. Martin in reference to his use of House Frey in the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Councillor God-Frey felt his good name was besmirched by the underhand political machinations of House Frey in the popular TV series.

While only the second part of my surname was used, it’s plain to see that this a twisted take on the God-Frey dynasty. Some of the things that were said were weird”. Clement Piper, a character in the TV show says  “I’d sooner drink a pint of piss than take the word of any Frey”. But what hurt Councillor Godfrey the most was a reference to God-Frey honour by Davos Seaworthy.  “What would a Frey know of honor?

I have contacted Martin’s publishers and HBO and fully expect the


series to be withdrawn and a full and frank apology issued forthwith.” A source close to Shanks confirmed that while himself will be seeking considerable damages, it would be scant consolation for the pain and bullying he has suffered.

Councillor God-Frey was recently distraught over a Twitter impersonation account. After shutting down the offending account, Councillor God-Frey is confident of a similar outcome this time around. He also said to be delighted with the publicity.