Around the Courts

 Nun-Chucks Guildea  

A 22 year old man who committed a litany of offences at a time when he was abusing drugs and ‘rave’ music and had moved away from home was given a three month suspended sentence when he appeared at Drogheda District Court Friday last.

Gisty Guildea with an address at 7 Middle Main Street, Donore, pleaded guilty to offences including threatening behaviour, theft, possession of drugs, possession of a scowl and possession of nun-chucks.

His solicitor Mr. Christy Kierans said that a probation report had been presented to Judge Brehony at the Circuit Court sitting in May and he had expressed deep regret for his criminal activities. He admitted that he did not know how to use the nun-chucks and that they were purely for show adding that he would never have attacked a member of the Asian community for fear of his weapon being turned on himself in front of his friends.

He has returned home to his parents’ house and is no longer taking drugs and has mostly reduced his alcohol intake. Judge Bran Flannen imposed the suspended sentence with some stipulations, namely, that the accused seek physiotherapy for his permanent scowl, move back in with his parents and revert to his original birth name, Norbert.

 Storm Damage

A charge of wanton criminal damage to Storm Nightclub, Stockwell Street on August 3rd last against local self-proclaimed ‘hardchaw’ Swan McCluskey of 582A Rathmullen Paak, Drogheda, has been adjourned until February 17th, 2015.

Mr. McCluskey denied the charge of causing damage to the property. He maintained that Storm Nightclub is a sentient being and that a charge of assault with grievous intent was more appropriate. Mr. McCluskey’s solicitor, Jem Kierans, asked that the case be adjourned for psychiatric testing to be conducted on his client who believes himself to be the hardest man in Drogheda, harder than any building and that his  ‘assault’ was a ‘throw down to pretenders to his crown.’ Judge Bran Flannen agreed to adjourn the case.

 Remanded in custody

A 72-year-old man who appeared at Drogheda District Court last Friday on several public order offences was remanded in custody for a week to see if a place could be found for him at the Betty Bell Center on the Ballymakenny Road.

Busker Griffin of 978 Cord Road pleaded guilty to the offences, which happened in various locations around the town centre in October.

Evidence was given that on one occasion he was so drunk he had to be arrested at Peter Street for his own safety. On another occasion Gardaí were called to Scotch Hall where the defendant was found clutching his own filth and threatening to daub anyone who approached him. He caused a disturbance when he entered Hickey’s pharmacy and began drinking the perfumes on display. On another date he verbally abused and threw food at the staff of Esquire’s Café before attempting to remove a cappuccino maker and throw it in the river. He has also been found on West Street half cut with a bottle of cheap grog even a sailor would refuse.

The court heard he had an extensive number of previous convictions. Ms. Philomena Kierans, solicitor, said she had previously told the court that her client has ‘occasional bouts of sobriety’ but that these were becoming increasingly rare. She asked that her client be given a chance to get into Betty Bell again.

Judge Bran Flannen remarked that Griffin had breached his bail and shown a sly cunning in his offending as it had taken place after a previous suspended sentence had expired. I’m sick of Griffin’s guff. He is a menace to the town,” he remarked as he remanded him in custody.

Couldn’t Raise Compensation

A 34 year old Polish man who was unable to raise money to pay for the damage he caused to a garda patrol car was fined €400 and ordered to pay €650 compensation to the Minister for Justice when he appeared at Drogheda District Court.

Evidence had been previously given in the bizarre case of Wiktor Boniek of 7 Little Krakow Court, Castlebellingham.

The case had been adjourned to allow him to pay money for the damage to the patrol car arising out of an incident in which he had been arrested for public order offences, stealing a garda vehicle and impersonating a garda at Rope Walk, Drogheda on 29th September 2014.

The defendant had startled two young Gardaí by bull rushing the patrol car while unclothed from the waist down and screaming about the KGB. Mr. Boniek then engaged the two Gardaí in a lengthy game of cat and mouse around the patrol car, which only ended after both Gardaí succumbed to exhaustion. The defendant then took control of the patrol car and a garda hat before ramming Top Gun Sports shop at Magdalene Street. The impact rendered the defendant incapacitated and he was apprehended by back-up Gardaí.

Solicitor Fintan Kierans said his client had no recollection of the evening in question and was embarrassed about the whole ordeal. It was his first visit to Drogheda.

The defendant had gone to the Credit Union but had been unable to raise a loan. He earns €250 a week. Imposing the fines, Judge Flannen gave him six months to pay with four days in prison in default of payment. He commended the defendant on his subsequent good behavior and willingness to be a positive influence on the community. Boniek was made aware that his excellent performance for Probation Act Hopefuls in the previous Sunday’s crunch Drogheda & District League fixture against high flying Newfield Godfreys had heavily influenced his decision and that he hoped to see more of the same in upcoming fixtures.