It kem as no surprise that ‘bespoke’ has been nemt this year’s Drawda Dictionary Wuurdada Yeeor. Bespoke overkem mildish competition from ‘fleadh’, however the final result was never seriously in doubt.


 There was great excitement about the town this week as Hurricane Ophelia ‘battered’ the town. Once it was announced that the country was closed on Monday, off-licences and supermaakets were cleant out of it, in that order. Some people seem to think that this is the first time the town has suffered at the handada wind, but older, wiser heads know better. They’ve been dealing with the bitter breeze blowing in from Meath since wind was invented…

 St. Laurence’s Gate is to be reopened to traffic for National Heritage Week. The shock move comes just days after the Barbican structure was finally closed to traffic after a long and tedious social media campaign littered with infighting, egotism and one badly lit “greening” on St. Patrick’s Day. The move was greeted with much fanfare in contrarian and taxi driving circles but with resignation in other, normaler circles.

The town was buzzin’ last weekend. Buzzin’.That’s cos’ it was a bank holdee Faa Side, says you. Faa frumih. It’s cuzduhwuz a relic in town. Literally nothing gets Drawda excited as when a new relic comes to town. And they don’t much bigger than a speck of Muddur Teresa’s blood on a muslin cloth. Here’s the top 5 religious relic visits to the town, rated in terms of class, super power and revenue potential.